Top 5 Stinky Cheeses You Have to Try

Table display of stinky cheeses in their rinds
Stinky cheese oozing from its rind
Stinky cheeses you have to try if you’re feeling adventurous

Stinky cheeses are often likened to odorous body parts therefore making the idea of finding cheeses to try a hit or miss ordeal. The stench quite literally comes from the same bacteria responsible for the odour in our sweat, B. linens. The presence of bacteria is intentional and results from washing the cheese rind in brine or alcohol.

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How to ensure your wedding will be talked about for years to come

Outdoor wedding under the gazebo in the grounds of Terrace on the Green, Brampton
Waterfall and wine barrels set within the grounds of Terrace on the Green, Perfect spot for outdoor weddings and photshoots.
Outdoor waterfall and wine barrels in the grounds of Terrace on the Green

When it comes to saying ‘the magical words ‘I do’ it can be a daunting process trying to agree upon a wedding venue that will meet the expectations of both the wedding couple and their respective families.

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Wine Pairing and the Perfect Match

Wine cellars at Terrace on the Green

Once upon a time, when ordering a wine to compliment your meal, you had to think no further ahead than if you fancied a white or red.  Now with the LCBO stocking an ever expanding array of wines from around the world and restaurants providing you with novel length wine menus, it can be a daunting process knowing what will be the perfect marriage for your dish.

We sat down with our in house Sommelier and Director of Operations, Peter Trajkovski to compile a definitive guide to wine pairings.

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Fine dining meets nature

At Terrace on the Green, our main ethos has always been, when you come to us, you are one of the family. Up until now, we were okay with keeping our hidden gem well, a hidden gem! One that only those who were in the know, knew. Now we are excited to embrace the marvels of modern technology and use it to help spread the word that we really are worth knowing and discovering.

Cheese board and fine wine and Terrace on the Green

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